2019 Polaris Slingshot


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Well, the 2018's get announced here at the end of the July 2017 at the Polaris Dealer meeting and we hope Polaris has once again stepped up their game. But what if they didn't make an option or change it the way you wanted? What would you want to see in the 2019 Polaris Slingshot?

We will start!

We for one would love a better braking system!!
My wish hasn't changed. I need more legroom! I really don't want to go pretzel legs in a current model. But that Orange SLR is calling my name!
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I attended a demo ride & a guy had the PRP seats. It was a little better than stock. The 2017 SL seats seem to work best so far. The salesman said I would need at least 4-6 more inches of legroom. It would take a drastic change to accomplish that.
Yes it would!
Looks like nothing really new for the 2019 Slingshot.

Colors are about all we see.