2018 Polaris Slingshot

So did everyone see the new Slingshot models?

Thoughts on the SLR LE, SLR, SL, S and RIDE COMMAND?
Pretty underwhelming all in all. I have seen those color combos on a few current slingshots. The Ride commander is way over priced. Adding more letters to make the SLR LE didn't change that it was just an SLR with a higher price tag. Ultimately I know most of the SS community won't be happy till there is a factory option for more power.
Well here's the break down of what's new for 2018.

1. Polaris Slingshot SLR LE - GHOST GRAY AND LIME SQUEEZE - MSRP $30,999.00
2. Polaris Slingshot SLR - ELECTRIC BLUE / ORANGE MADNESS - MSRP $28,999.00
3. Polaris Slingshot SL - NAVY BLUE / SUNSET RED - MSRP $25,499.00
4. Polaris Slingshot S - GLOSS BLACK - MSPR $19,999.00



It's all steps in the right direction...but reality is...that is a ton of money for not a lot of oomph. My base 2016 model with all the goodies I have added has come up to a total of $27-28K. Only thing I have left is suspension. and that won't be more than another $2k. $31K for an SLR LE is just not a good buy.
We are hearing big changes aka "new gen" for 2019 models!
From a business stand point it makes sense. They might actually be able to bounce back from some of their recalls, some of their business moves, and be able to make more time now that they have squared things away from the defense contract they won last year.

There is a part of me that was relieved to not see huge changes this year...especially since I am almost done with all the mods I want to do. If they bring out something that is strikingly different, it means I will have to sell mine and start over. lol
The good news is since Polaris has raised the price the used ones will go for more. :)