Club Slingshot?


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So what does everyone think about Polaris having a Club Slingshot now? A little late to the party?

Looks like you'll receive a Membership Card, Owners Magazine, Exclusive Events, and Rides, plus VIP Special Offers.

The issue we think Polaris will have is people paying for a membership and no price has even been mentioned yet or real benefits. It will have to be big savings for people to want to pay for it since there are so many clubs already for the Slingshot that is free


What would you like to see Polaris do with this Club?

Link to membership:


Pete LeBlanc

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I've been hearing about this for a while but haven't seen a whole lot about it. I just got something in the mail the other day, went back to the site and it was the same. We will see what if anything they end up doing with it. So far I am not impressed but if they do things to support owners and give real discounts on things it might be worth it.


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It appears that Club Slingshot is in association with dealers, of which our closest is pushing 200 miles away, so I do not foresee much interaction?