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NRG Suede Flat Bottom Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel for the Polaris Slingshot + Discount!

SlingMods Jun 8, 2017

  1. SlingMods

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    Introducing the ST-019CF Suede, Carbon Fiber Flat Bottom Steering Wheel from NRG Innovations. This is one of our favorite NRG Steering wheels to date. While the suede wheel is not favorable in wet climates it gives you a tremendous increase in hand grip when hitting the canyons. It's diameter is 320mm and includes 3 carbon fiber spokes with a red center marking to allow you to easily identify center position. Whether you’re braking late to steal your rivals’ apex or cruising around town make NRG Innovations your number one choice for steering wheels.

    Save 10% off this item while using coupon code: Suede10

    More info about this product can be found here: http://www.slingmods.com/nrg-st-019...carbon-fiber-steering-wheel-polaris-slingshot
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