New Ohio license regulations for 3-wheel “autocycles”


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WILMINGTON, Ohio (WDTN) – A new Ohio law is making it easier for people to drive three-wheel vehicles.

House Bill 429 went into effect on September 1st. Among other things, it changes the license requirements for three-wheel bikes called .autocycles”.

Instead of requiring a motorcycle license, people can now operate autocycles using a regular driver’s license.

State Representative Niraj Antani authored the bill and he says the change just made sense.

“Really, when you looked at the public safety aspect, you know, you don’t drive it like a motorcycle at all,” Rep. Antani said. “You don’t straddle it, you sit in it.”

“And, you don’t use handles, you actually use a steering wheel,” Rep. Antani said. “Really, it made no sense that these were considered motorcycles under the law.”

Rep. Antani and several other state lawmakers, including Ohio House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger and Senator Frank LaRose will be in Wilmington on Monday to tour the Polaris Industries facility. Polaris is one of the country’s largest producers of autocycles and other ATV products.

Lawmakers hope this new law will give people more confidence to buy autocycles, which could lead to a positive economic impact for Dayton and surrounding communities in the future.

“This could actually help the company to get to market quicker, to increase their demand for their product and hopefully create some more jobs in the Dayton area,” Rep. Antani said.

While the law seemed like common sense to Rep. Antani, he says several agencies were part of the process leading up to the passage of House Bill 429.

“We worked with the State Department of Public Safety, which includes the Ohio State Highway Patrol,” Rep. Antani. “We worked with Polaris Industries as well as a lot of other motorcycle advocates and vehicle advocates.”

“All of the public safety people signed off,”Rep. Antani said. “They understood that it made sense for this to only be used with a driver’s license and not a motorcycle license.”

“All the public safety people, including the BMV, were on board.”