We're sick of Can-Am and Harley owners on Social Media!


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There seems to be this issue that if you don't like something you just go to that companies social media page and bash the product over and over again. People love to do it and we're sick of it! All we see on the Polaris Slingshot Facebook page is a bunch of Can-Am and Harley owners bashing the product. WHY?

Why do you feel the need to bash a product that you don't like? We don't like Can-Am and Harleys, but you don't see us bashing you. We think there is more to the issue. We think you love the Polaris Slingshot cause all you do is pick on it and they say when you pick on someone you like them. Come on you know it! Why else would you waste your time, lol?

So is the issue you can't afford one? Is it because your jealous of how cool the Slingshot really looks and you're stuck with a Can-Am bike that has no idea what cool looks like or maybe you have a Harley that leaks so much oil you couldn't afford a Polaris Slingshot payment? Look at the pictures below. We think the Can-Am has an identity crisis, and the Harley well to many things to list about their products, lol. Maybe there's a more deep-rooted problem that you are just an evil person and can't stand change and hate cats. Whatever it is maybe you should look in the mirror and say am I cool enough to drive a Polaris Slingshot? We bet the answer is NO!

We hope Polaris reads this and takes to their social media pages and blocks all the negative words on their page so we don't have to see your negative comments and garbage. We have already blocked a ton of Can-Am and Harley users on our social pages and we will continue to do it daily. It's just sad that social media has become worthless in our book as people who are keyboard warriors are out to hate the world!

We hope all our Polaris Slingshot owners share this article and if you look below we have to admit the Polaris Slingshot is way cooler in our book then the Can-Am Spyder & any product Harley makes.

We can see why you'd be jealous. :p

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