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My name is Mark and I am up for connecting with other Slingshot owners in the area. I have a 2016 Turbo Silver color slingshot with a Supercharger. Lots of mods and more on the way!!

This seems to be the perfect spot for all us Slingshot Houston folks to gather. Slingshot Houston was organized in Feb 2016 and now has grown to hundreds of Slingshoters. We organize local meets and rides and just share experiences and joy of Slingshot life with each other.

You can find us on Facebook group for local within 350 miles of Houston, TX

Our Public Facebook page:

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Our official Hashtags are #SlingshotHouston and #TexanSlingin


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Our next Slingshot Houston event is coming Aug 12th 2017 -7:00pm - Meet location West Houston and then we will invade (LaCenterra at Cinco Ranch) and Ride with an After party to be announced soon.

Everyone welcome no matter where you are from. Let's come together and Sling! If you have not Liked and Followed our public page you can see all the updates about events that are continuously being put together.

Here is the Public Facebook event link: (You do not have to be on Facebook to see the event.
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Our last official event had over 60 Slingshots! Check out our meet up krew just before roll out on the ride!

#SlingshotHouston #TexanSlingin