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Power Operated Adjustable Windshield.

LovinMySling Jul 25, 2018

  1. LovinMySling

    LovinMySling Member

    Hello All:

    Spin4air is prototyping to make it that the windshield operates with a flip of a switch.. We just ordered the parts that is needed. Looking to test on the roads by the end of September and by Christmas available on our website. This was drawn up in our patent. We are so excited to introduce adjustable windshield that adjust without you turning the knob and use power. The windshield will still be the same. We can't let the Cam Am Spider be the only one that has a power adjustable windshield. I don't think there is a windshield for the Slingshot that has power adjustable windshield.. We just might be the first... Accessory Tree.jpg
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