*** New Item *** TricLED Demon Eyes LED Accent Kit for the Polaris Slingshot


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The Polaris Slingshot already has that sinister look at night.. these Demon Eyes take that look to an entirely different level of awesomeness. This kit is offered in two trim levels for both the U.S. (two headlight setup), and the U.S. Model with our Optional Canadian Conversion Kit (four headlight setup). You'll simply plug in the colored LED T10 bulbs and run the included power harness to your power distribution block and you're done. This kit does not replace your headlight. The H3 headlight housing on both the U.S. and Canadian Conversion Kit have a small factory incandescent LED T10 bulb on the bottom of each headlight assembly. You'll simply be replacing that factory T10 bulb with our colored T10 LED bulb for the demon eye affect. Installation time is about 1 hour. The system also includes an RF remote control to allow you to control the dim levels as well as function through some flashing sequences.


Currently on a back order, orders will start shipping out the first week of January!

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