Hello From Boston

Pete LeBlanc

New Member
Hi Everyone, I am Pete from Boston and I traded in my Honda Goldwing for a 2017 Turbo Silver SLR back on October 7th. I have to say that the last few months have been so much fun and adventurous. 10 Days after getting her, I was off to Helen, GA to meet up with some friends that were coming up from FL to ride the roads in GA, from there I went to FL with my friends and left my Slingshot down there for the Winter and have since been back down to go on the Cycle Springs Toy Ride and more recently for Christmas to get some work done on her and some other adventures. As of this past Tuesday my baby has just under 4200 miles and has gotten a few tweaks.

I see that there is a thread for builds that I can post various photos. I will post just two here to show a before and the work done so far. What do you think so far?

Thanks guys, this round is all about cosmetics and a probably an upgraded sway bar, next round will be performance, I just haven't decided which direction I am going to go yet but still have a while to decide. So far I am loving every single minute with her and love the way she is coming out!