Has the Polaris Slingshot lost its value?


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So with all the recalls and stop sales issued has the Polaris Slingshot lost its value? All we see is a bunch of people complaining over all the recalls which do make sense when one is spending that kind of money for a toy.

Coming into the 3rd year with the Slingshot out we've seen values hold really well, but with the last stop sell we've now seen dealers start to discount them heavily and used ones aren't pulling the value they once did.

Could this be the end of the hype and steady price holding with all the recalls and stop sales?

Tell us your thoughts. We would love to hear them.



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Well there is one slingshot all modified by a prince that is asking $160,000 for his slingshot :eek: so maybe it depends on the sling ;)
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Well to be honest there isn't many Slingshots in the SoCal area, but we haven't seen any price changes rather be increase or decrease. We have seen some demand go up for them, we seem to be getting more and more locals calling us at least once a month!
Well that's a good thing. We hope Polaris gets all these recalls completed soon.

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