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Hello Slingshot owners! Just making an introduction to you guys as we've just joined! Some of you may know us from other forums or from having dealt with us in the past but we're happy to join this forums to help you guys out with wheel and tire fitment!

All in all, we are glad to be here to help you guys out with your wheel & tire needs to bring you guys the best prices!

Here are some of the popular brands that we carry!

- Avant Garde
- AG Luxury
- Vertini
- Weds
- Volk
- Advan
- Work
- Stance
- Forgestar
- VS Forged
- Vossen

We offer:
- FREE Shipping
- FREE Mounting and Balancing
- Powdercoating and Custom Finishing Services
- 4-6 Week Forgestar & Avant Garde turnaround times!

If you have any questions, feel free to PM us or contact us in the info in our Signature!


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I just received the 2015 Sl from assett seizure auction from Deep south texas


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