Alpha Turbo Kit for the Polaris Slingshot


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So what do you think of the Alpha Turbo Kit for the Polaris Slingshot?

1. Price
2. Quality
3. Installation

Let's hear you!



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Well I ordered this kit. I'm super stroked about it. From what I hear this is the kit to get. So we will see.



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Update: I love the kit that Alpha has put out. I've had some issues with my Slingshot cutting out under full boost. After a few calls with Alpha we found out that my injectors aren't matched up. They're sending me new ones so will update once I get them installed.

But other than that small issue my Sling is a beast! Sounds good and makes big power with no issues. I'm very glad to have purchased the Alpha Turbo Kit as their customer service is 100% on point.

Just wish they would sign up here. ;)


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Yep! My Slingshot was running really bad. It has a few issues and less than 500 miles so back to the dealer it went.

First thing that was replaced was the injectors. That cured the dying issues when starting up from a cold start.

Next the waste gate isn't opening due to the spring and from what I hear the Welter Exhaust is also taking about 1 psi of boost away, plus the exhaust is hitting in the back which is being fixed also. They put a red spring in it and stretched it but looking at running a green spring to hit 8 psi and then with the Welter Exhaust taking about 1 psi away we should be around 7 psi. Right now all they are getting is 5 psi.

The next issue was the 3 to 4 gear wide open throttle issue that dies out under load. They tell me the ECM needs pulled and is going back for its 3rd re-tune in last than 6 months.

So now the weather is nice and no Slingshot to ride and looks like I own a $50,000 paper weight! LOL!!!