3rd to 4th Gear Shift Stutter With An Alpha Turbo Kit Installed


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So I wanted to let anyone who has an Alpha Turbo kit installed on their Slingshot that has this issue I found the fix for it with Henry from Alpha.

The issue is when under hard boost from 3rd to 4th gear around 5000 RPMS I would get a huge stutter and my Slingshot would fall on its face. After the dealer couldn't fix it I decided to call Alpha Powersports and talked to Henry. After going over everything he asked me to pull the spark plugs and call him back. So I did and guess what I found?

Alpha Powersports changed the spark plugs, but the real issue was the plug gap. All the plugs had a different gap. They were 42, 44, 46, and 47 and blow by was happening big time under heavy boost.

Henry was kind enough to send me new spark plugs and guess what? IT FIXED MY ISSUE! MY BOOST IS INSANE NOW!

My Polaris Slingshot still stalls every time I start it when it's cold, but I will have to call and talk to Bob the Tuner and hopefully, he can fix it for me.

My hope is if you're having this issue you see this information and it helps you fix your problem with your boost.


This is the correct Spark Plug you'll want to run in your Alpha Turbo Kit below: