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  1. LovinMySling

    Twist Dynamics Carbon Fiber 56" Rear Wing / Spoiler for the Polaris Slingshot

    Very nice! I haven't seen one until now.
  2. LovinMySling

    Hi from Chicagoland!

    Good Morning, I grew up in the Suburbs of Chicago.. You are going to love it! We have a hard time seeing our bike sit during the winter months. We put some miles on the sling since making that big purchase. Beginning of June we took her to the Rocky Mountains and it was fun. Can't wait for you...
  3. LovinMySling

    New Here Not To Owing A Slingshot

    Thank you my fellow Slinger... Nice Sling..
  4. LovinMySling

    Ready to go

    Awesome.. This something that we would like to have in the future.. I bet you had tons of fun..
  5. LovinMySling

    Advertise With Us! - Free & Paid Options Available

    Where can we advertise?
  6. LovinMySling

    Greetings from Diamond Car Audio

    Welcome to the family...
  7. LovinMySling

    New owner from Virginia Beach, VA

    Hi Welcome to the slingshot family.. Riding the sling gives me so much enjoyment.. This year the 1st week in June we were in Denver, Colorado and yes we rode all the way from Iowa!! It was enjoyable.. Take a long ride you guys will have an awesome time and again welcome to the slingshot owners...
  8. LovinMySling

    New Here Not To Owing A Slingshot

    Thank you so kindly... This site Rocks!
  9. LovinMySling

    New Here Not To Owing A Slingshot

    Good Morning all, I have owned my slingshot since August of 2015 and I love it! I am an easy going person, down to earth.. My husband purchased the slingshot without a windshield, and stereo. May of this year he installed our stereo, it is not an easy task and the ones that does it for a living...