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  1. QuickSilverSS

    Dustless break pad to replace stock?

    Does anyone know what break pads to replace stock with something that creates much less break dust? I have noticed my rear break pads create so much break dust. It’s impossible to keep my wheels clean. Links, please.
  2. QuickSilverSS

    Alpha Turbo Kit for the Polaris Slingshot

    @SlingRider you ever get it resolved since July of your last update?
  3. QuickSilverSS

    Polaris Slingshot - Icon Series

    So far I have seen Dragon Green and Monument White in Houston area. They look nice! Waiting to see someone get a Daytona Yellow.
  4. QuickSilverSS

    Houston To Lake Charles Poker Run 1.0 - Oct 14th 2017

    Here's a quick reminder that this event is just around the corner. Can't wait to see you there! Event details: Slingshot Houston / Sling Life Poker Run 1.0 Event Itinerary Saturday, October 14, 2017 10:00 – 11:30 AM – “Mods and Mimosas” Meetup sponsored by Clutch Bar and Sling Life – Clutch...
  5. QuickSilverSS

    Houston To Lake Charles Poker Run 1.0 - Oct 14th 2017

    Is there a tab for Events by region? Of course if you had that Texas would need its own region. :)
  6. QuickSilverSS

    Account Registration Manual Approval

    Totally Makes sense. If you ever need a moderator I would be glad to be part of the team to help.
  7. QuickSilverSS

    Houston To Lake Charles Poker Run 1.0 - Oct 14th 2017

    If you are on Facebook here is more chat discussion about the poker run. Houston to Lake Charles Poker Run 1.0 Join us for another awesome Polaris Slingshot event from Slingshot Houston and Sling Life, as we do a Slingshot Poker Run / Ride from Houston to L’auberge Casino and Resort in Lake...
  8. QuickSilverSS

    Slingshot Houston Events - Everyone Welcome to Attend our events

    Event Update for this SATURDAY Aug 12th 2017. Meeting at 7:00PM at Brewski’s at 20940 Katy Frwy, Katy TX, 77449 Here is the Facebook Link. : %7D]%22%2C%22has_source%22%3Atrue%7D']EVENT INFO MAJOR EVENT UPDATE FOR 8/12/17! Come out for a fun evening with the Slingshot Houston family! Initial...
  9. QuickSilverSS

    Slingshot Houston

    I have not gotten it back from the shop yet. Although I talked with Dave at DDM Works the other day and he confined they will have it finished and arrive back on the afternoon of August 12th 2017. Only about 1 week left! I can not wait!!! So excited to have the beast in action!!!
  10. QuickSilverSS

    Slingshot Houston

    Thank you!!!
  11. QuickSilverSS


    Awesome! I like it.
  12. QuickSilverSS

    2016 Polaris Slingshot fire up in flames!

    I have not heard of anymore.
  13. QuickSilverSS

    Comment by 'QuickSilverSS' in media 'IMG_0221'

    These are on my wish list.
  14. QuickSilverSS

    Slingshot Houston

    Our next Slingshot Houston event is coming Aug 12th 2017 -7:00pm - Meet location West Houston and then we will invade (LaCenterra at Cinco Ranch) and Ride with an After party to be announced soon. Everyone welcome no matter where you are from. Let's come together and Sling! If you have not...
  15. Slingshot Houston 4th of July

    Slingshot Houston 4th of July

    Happy 4th of July
  16. QuickSilverSS

    Happy 4th of July!

    Wish you all a safe and happy 4th of July!
  17. QuickSilverSS

    My Slingshot not running great right now.

    Yep Saturday morning!! Looking forward to it for sure. It is interesting about the unique aspect. I more or less was just curious about the spark plugs I pulled out to look at on my own what they mean looking like this. So from what I gathered online (multiple replies) with suggestions from...
  18. QuickSilverSS

    My Slingshot not running great right now.

    So far we tried many many tune changes and it got worse and worse. That's when I pulled the spark plugs and see above. I am thinking its not tune related as that is not fixing it. Also loosing coolant, Was down 2 quarts of oil and was stalling at highway speeds and also would not stay idle at...