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  1. Thomas Guy

    Error Code 598

    Any ideas out there? SS running great. Won't engage cruise control.
  2. Thomas Guy

    Cooler weather BELT ADJUSTMENT

    I am amazed of how much the rear belt tension changes due to temperature. Here in Florida it changes from the 30's to the upper 70's in the same day. Driving into work in the morning the belt squeaks and squeals but in the afternoon tension is back to normal. I have found trying to adjust for...
  3. Thomas Guy

    Stuff replaced/fixed durring warrantee

    Figured I'd start this so new owners can have a heads up on some things to check before they fail and also to expect some problems down the road. My SS may not be typical to all models and years (2017 base model) but then again... It is mostly my every day rider and transport 20k+ I'd like to...